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Anneke Grönloh's biography

Anneke Grönloh's biography

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Hit notations from Suriname to Singapore, entries in The Guinness Book of Records, officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau, and with 30 million records sold worldwide, the most successful Dutch singer ever.

It sounds like a fairy tale, but Anneke Grönloh made it come true. Behind the applause and her eternal smile, however, was another life. The story of an Indian girl who was born in the jungle, who spent her early years in a Japanese camp and who had to find her place on the other side of the world.


Anneke Grönloh became the Netherlands' first pop idol with an unparalleled popularity, and after that she managed to maintain herself for more than 50 years in a profession in which careers often last no longer than a few hits. Even after setbacks and heavy losses, she stood her ground and always found her way to the podium.


Anneke Grönloh is the inspiring story of a strong woman who, through all trends and setbacks, always remained true to herself and her audience.


Bart Peeters, her right-hand man both privately and professionally for almost 30 years, worked for years with Anneke Grönloh on this biography, which not only paints a portrait of a unique artist and woman, but also provides a beautiful picture of more than half a century of Dutch entertainment history. .

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